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The Lenovo HW01 Plus fitness tracker smart band is designed to get you closer to your fitness goals. Our busy lives leave us with little time to pay full attention to our health. This smart band can be the perfect companion to your fitness journey. The Pedometer and activity tracker will help you track every move you make keeping a track of how many calories you burn.The screen size for HW01 Plus is 0.87”, for bigger screen, we suggest to purchase Cardio plus HX03W at 0.96″ If end user has plug in properly for charging, then please kindly contact aftersales center for inquiry there is no data cable as this is direct USB, can direct use for charging.data can sync on APP at the same time after connection with the device. Please press the button on the band to turn on the unit as showed on manual HW01 Plus only support with call reminder, no caller ID available at this moment.

Make sure that your Smart Band has been charged for at least 30 minutes.Make sure you have installed or updated the Lenovo Life application to the latest version from Google Play™.Open the App and sign up by creating an account.Tap on pair new device and keep your band close to your phone.(make sure you turn on location on your phone). Click on your smart band from the search list and click on the accept prompt on your band. Turn on all the required app notifications and you are good to go.

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