LDNIO SC4408 DEFENDER SERIES – 4 Power Socket 4 USB 3.4A 2500W Power Strip


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  • LDNIO re-issued its newest product in the form of a socket (Power Strip) and this time it is equipped with other advantages compared to other similar products.
  • There are 4 electric sockets with each socket using a switch (On / Off switch) that can save energy and a safer design for use.
  • Also 4 USB Ports With 3.4 Amps , 17 Watts For Powerfull Charging
  • Using Fireproof PC Material that is in accordance with national standards and has been tested by professionals. Able to withstand temperatures of up to 850 degrees Celsius. For the electrical part, it uses high-quality copper that can last a long time and show safe performance.
  • The base is equipped with a Non-Slip Mat that keeps it stable and safe from sliding or slipping.
  • 6 protection provided by SC4408 include: IPX6 Waterproof Grade, Waterproof Mechanical Switch, Waterproof Switch, Thickened Power Core, Child Safety Door to Sufficient Hole Interval.
  • 2M cable, heavy duty power cord. Helps ensure optimal power flow to connected device.
  • Simultaneously helps to protect multiple electronic devices while accommodating large adapters.
  • Integrated Copper No Welding Spot and With Stable Current
  • Features:
  • – Independent Switch, convenient and safe design, energy saving
    – Standard hole intervals suitable for national standard plugs
    – Fireproof PC material, up to 850 Celsius degree
    – High quality copper and high welding technology
    – Non-slip mat
  • Protect Up to 4 Devices Against Spikes , Fluctuations and Electromagnetic Interference
  • Overload Protection (red button)
  • Specification:
    Brand: LDNIO
    Product Model: SC4408
    Type: Extension Socket
    Sockets: 5 Sockets Combo
    Material: Flame Resistant Material & Phosphor Bronze Copper Sleeve
    Grounding: Standard Grounding
    Application: For Home / Office Use
    Rated Power: 2500W

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