Kid Smart Watch F2 Kids Smart Watch, LBS Tracker, Camera, Flashlight ,1.44 inch Touch Screen, SIM Card Blue


Kids Smart Watch, LBS Tracker, Has SOS Call with Camera and Flashlight 1.44 inch Touch Screen Suitable for Boys and Girls, SIM Card Slots Compatible with iOS and Android



Product Functions:

1.Realtime Tracking(Precision + base station)

2.Phone Call & SOS Emergency Call

3.Historical Route Track(Footprint Record)

4.Electronic Fence Alarm(Geo-fence)

5. Remote Voice Monitoring(Listen in)

6. 1.44 inch Touch Screen

7. Camera: Support photo taking

8.APP: stand by SETRACKER2

📞Walkie Talkie📞
After you inserting the SIM card, the watch not only can make phone call, also can voice micro chat, you can talk with your child whenever and wherever.

❗One Key SOS for Help❗
The child could long press the SOS button key for help when they are in danger. By the way, parents can set three SOS number on APP.

📹Remote Monitoring📹
Through the APP, parents can monitor the child’s location in real time, monitor the child’s calls and remote shutdown.

📷Built-in Camera📷
Parents can remote the camera on app or the child directly use it on the watch. (the watch can only save one picture, when saving the new one, it will replace the old picture automatically.)

⛔Answer and Hang up the calls⛔
Kids can answer and hand up the calls directly on the watch. You can add 10 phone numbers on App and then sync to the watch.

⛑Safe Area⛑
Parents can customize security range on APP, when the child beyond the safety zone, the APP will receive the reminder immediately. (The minimum radius of the safety area is 500 meters.)

🏆Non-disturb period🏆
Don’t worry about disturbing the child in class time,parents can set up 3 on-disturb periods. During the periods, the watch will automatically blocked all the phone calls.


1. Material: Plastic, Silicone

2. Battery capacity: 400mAh

3. Built-in battery: Yes

4.  SIM card: Micro SIM

5. USB interface: Micro USB

All kids smart watch phone need work with SIM Card,we provide the watch without SIM Card,so please buy extra SIM Card seperately!


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